Are you dealing with used graphic equipment?

We have the tool for used machinery dealers

Full integration with and

Full statistics & performance history on all of your machines

Create and send newsletters in minutes

Reaching thousands of buyers worldwide with one mouseclick

Extenso Pro is fully linked to and – the leading marketplaces for used graphic machinery – giving you the option to advertise as many machines as you like for as long as you need with just a few clicks.

Unique users every day
Online machines available
Enquiry every 3 minutes
Different spare parts
Active countries

Live Stats – Love stats!

We give you a very comprehensive statistic overview of every machine in your inventory from the minute you upload your machines to the second it’s sold. All data is presented live and with to-the-minute data from or your own website.


Mass-mailing made easy

Only Extenso Pro gives you a professional newsletter-system directly integrated into your inventory-list – making sending newsletters as easy as 1-2-3. And only with Extenso Pro you can send as many newsletter to as many customers as you like – as often as you like. And of course we take care of all the boring work cleaning up your database for undeliverable mails etc.


Documents made easy

Create any type of document on any machine in seconds. From offers to invoices and packing-lists, it’s never been easier. Any document can be generated onto your letterhead making you look professional without any hassle.


Save time answering enquiries / Automating your handling of enquiries

With Extenso Pro answering enquiries has never been easier. Since we already have all relevant data ready in your database – it basically just takes a few seconds to answer your requests – complete with all photos, videos and documents attached to the e-mail.

And of course – everything is logged in your Extenso Pro so it’s easy later on to find any offer you have sent on any machine in your inventory.

All the options you need are here

Enquiry Handling System

Advanced Statistics

Integrated with and

Send Newsletters In Minutes

Advanced Customer Database

Unlimited Spare Part Listings On


Create Invoices And Pro-forma Invoices

Free Website Hosting


Let us build your next website

With more than 20 years experience building websites, our highly skilled team of designers and programmers can build your new website fast and professionally. And of course all your machines listed in your Extenso Pro can be listed onto your website.

Based on known technology and a CMS-system that is used worldwide by both small and large companies, we make sure that your website is always up-to-date with the newest in webbased solutions.

Every website is build by our team of highly skilled designers and programmers, and every site is made with SEO in mind all the way through.

And of course – we offer you free hosting of your website .. even your current one as well.

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